I am now more or less settled in my new house and wanted to thank you for all your help in locating and walking me through the buying process.  When I first began searching for a house in the Santa Fe area, I selected a realtor based on a web search.  I found him to be more interested in making a quick sale with little regard to my needs.  During contract negotiations on a selected house, it became obvious that he was not working for me.  It was fortuitous that my son knew you and was able to put me in contact with you. 

With the previous experience fresh, I was immediately struck by your willingness to listen to what I was looking for and making every effort to filter the list of potential houses to ones that actually fit my specifications.  Once we found a place, you were indispensible in guiding me through the paperwork, deadlines, and most important, the negotiations.  You were able to push the process through in such a timely manner, that I only needed to use a motel room for two nights before I was able to take possession of the house and move in.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience and would be delighted to tell others of your capabilities.

Thank you again for making my relocation a pleasant experience and a reality.


Mike O.